Happiness Does Not Exist in Yesterday’s Memories or Tomorrow’s Hopes; IT Exists NOW

Goddess WomenI cherish the pleasant memories of days gone by, but I refrain from living in the past. Likewise, I let go of any tendency to try to put off my life until a better day. Tomorrow may never come!

Today is what I have and I gather happiness from every moment of it.

When the day dawns, I am happy to have the chance to live another great day in my life. I look out the window and notice how beautiful the dew is as it reflects the sunlight. I hear the birds singing in lovely harmony as they, too, rejoice in the new day.

I relish the pleasant aroma of my morning coffee and enjoy the warmth of the sun when I go out the door to meet whatever adventure life brings me today. When every day starts this well, how could anything diminish its pleasure?

My day is a parade of wondrous moments and I joyfully receive the pleasure of every single one of them.

My partner, children, flowers, puppies, kittens, butterflies, dessert, sunshine, rain, lunch, and thousands of other good things all bring happiness for their fleeting moments in my life every day.

Even challenges most often bring me something good when I take the time to find the silver lining. I ask myself, “How can this help me?” Then I happily take action to move forward, armed with the new knowledge gained from the challenge.

Yes, happiness happens, and it happens in the here and now.

Today, I strive to allow happiness into my life as I live my parade of wondrous moments.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What special little moments happened to me today?
2. Did I allow the happiness of the moment to fulfill me?
3. How can I remind myself to take pleasure in each moment?

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