Hope is My Daily Melody

hopefulEvery day I wake up with renewed strength and a resolve to make today a great day. I arm myself with positivity and take along a winning attitude. As I step out into the world, I begin to hear the beautiful melody of hope that follows me wherever I go.

Even when others choose to play the soundtrack of despair, I dance to the tune of hope. My ears are trained to listen only to the sound of hope and to ignore all other noise. I refrain from listening to negative news that will only try to rob me of my ability to hear the beat.

With so much negativity around me, I must actively seek the good in the world in order to remain hopeful. When I focus on the good characteristics of others, I am able to have hope.

My life is a song filled with assurance. Although there are no guarantees in life, I am confident that the life choices that I am making today are taking me in the right direction. In the end, I know that I will succeed.

I sing my song to the world so others can be uplifted during their time of sorrow. With each note I sing, hearts are mended and faith is restored to those around me. When I believe I myself, I inadvertently give others permission to do the same.

Today, I choose to be hopeful in the midst of despair because I am sure that the days ahead of me are brighter than those behind me. With hope as my melody, I dance forth into my future with grace.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is the soundtrack of my life?
2. How would my life be affected if I refrain from listening to negative news?
3. What am I hopeful about today?

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