10 Ways to Fight Your Fears

fearful womanIt’s hard living life fearful of what’s out there. You can conquer your fears though. Here are ten ways you can fight your fears.

1. Take your time. If you’re panicking or having an anxiety attack jumping in with both feet isn’t going to help. Take fifteen minutes to distract yourself and think about something else. Go for a walk and come back to it. Once you’re calm you can think more clearly about how to face your fear.

2. What exactly are you afraid of? Be specific. Picture it in your mind. What is happening? Which part of it are you afraid of? Once you narrow down your fear, you can get control of it.

3. Face your fears. Avoiding something allows your imagination to make things seem larger and more scary than they really are. When you face your fears head on, you realize that they are not nearly as bad as you thought.

4. Focus on the positive. Rather than think about what bad thing can happen, think about what good can come from it. Don’t focus on falling from great heights, instead think about the awesome view you will have. Don’t worry about the 100 people you’ll be speaking in front of, instead consider the boom in business you’ll be receiving from your knowledgeable speech. By focusing on the positive, you leave no room for negativity.

5. Put it into perspective. What are the chances of your “worst case scenario” happening? Check the stats to see what the odds are for your fear. For example, it’s understandable to be cautious about flying in an airplane. However, according to the National Safety Council, you are much more likely to die of heart disease, in an automobile accident, by firearm discharge, falling and even choking than you are by air travel. When you put your fear into perspective, you’ll realize that you’re making a mountain out of a mole hill.

6. Nobody is perfect. When you expect perfection you are more likely to be fearful of failure. You may find that you think more negative thoughts and beat yourself up when you feel like you’ve failed at something. Realize that no one is perfect. Life is messy and full of ups and downs. It’s important to not dwell too much on the downs.

7. Find your happy place. Visualizing a calm and serene place will help you get through anxious and fearful times. Focus on something that makes you happy, perhaps a spouse, pet, child or grandchild & you’ll have less room for fear.

8. Talk it out. Talking about why you are fearful can ease your fears. If talking to a friend or loved one doesn’t help, then it might be a good idea to seek professional help.

9. Stay away from drugs and alcohol. You may think drinking or taking drugs will ease your fears, but this just makes the nervousness worse. Eating right and taking care of yourself allows you to better combat the fear.

10. Positive reinforcement. It’s no small feat to face your fears. Give yourself a nice reward for overcoming a fear. It will help boost your confidence and give you the courage to step up and face the next fear.

You don’t have to let fears control you. With these ten steps you can begin to overcome your fears. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you find your anxiety getting the better of you though.

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