3 Easy Ways to Start Counting Your Blessings

rp_pink-flower-background-wallpaper-1024x640.jpgThe more time you spend focusing on your blessings, the more you’ll find yourself feeling genuinely grateful for every day of your life. Here are three easy ways to start:

1) Journal your blessings all through the day.

Keep a small notebook and pencil in your pocket and write a quick note every time something positive happens. Your entries don’t have to take up a lot of time. For example, you could write things like, “A clerk offered to assist me at the hardware store” or “Janet admired my blouse” or “I got a free bagel with my coffee this morning.” Little things matter! The more you focus on them, the more you’ll begin to feel grateful about the bigger things too.

2) Find something good in difficult situations.

Using the same little notebook, every time you encounter a challenge or seemingly negative situation, find one positive thing you can say about it and write it down. For example, if your boss seems to be in a bad mood, you could write, “At least today is Thursday and the week is almost over.” Or if you encounter obstacles while working on a project or goal, you could write, “I’ve got what it takes to get through these obstacles.”

3) Finally, you could literally count your blessings. 

Rather than recording the specifics, simply make a mark in your notebook every time you recognize something to feel grateful about. At the end of the day, glance over your page of marks. How many are there? Make a note of the number and then try to beat it each day afterwards. There are literally thousands of possible things to be grateful about in the course of a single day; you just have to be willing to see them

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