Allowing What You Want

Did you know that you can easily shift into a mind-set of “allowing” and line up your energy and intention with the wonderful things you want? Take a moment right now to think about something you want. A relationship, a healing, more stable financial circumstances…whatever you want the most right now, insert it into the following affirmation: “I am allowing _______ now.”


  • “I am allowing financial peace now.”
  • “I am allowing the love of my life now.”
  • “I am allowing a great job now.”
  • “I am allowing a wonderful new home now.”
  • “I am allowing physical well-being now.”

Say an affirmation like this often and you will steadily bring yourself into a relaxed, detached state of allowing on that subject, which will trigger all kinds of creative ideas, solutions and opportunities that can help you transform that situation for the better.

Today’s Positive Affirmation:

I am allowing goodness into my life now.

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