Laugh More: Worry Less

Laughing women

We have all probably heard the tune about not worrying just being happy. However, it is not as easy as it seems. Or is it? Can worrying less and laughing more really be an attainable goal? Just like any other goal, laughing more is something that, yes, you can achieve and do it daily. It […]

10 Ways to Cope With Depression

Depression has a way of taking hold of a person and completely consuming him. Medication is one way of combatting depression. However, it can come with many side effects and it’s tough finding the right combination. Here are ten natural ways to cope with depression which you can either try in place of medication, or […]

How to Feel Awesome All Day Long


We all have that little voice in our head, the one responsible for our fight or flight mode. It sometimes tells us not to do something or to worry about doing something at the very least. However, did you know that you can push that fearful side away from you and feel awesome pretty much […]

What Would You Rather Experience?

Negativity in any form is . . . unpleasant, to say the least. However, what if you could train yourself to start seeing it as a good thing? No, of course the negativity itself is not a good thing. But it does provide an excellent opportunity to call forth something better. The next time you […]