As I Let Go of Dissatisfaction, I Feel Happiness in My Life.

unhappy womanDissatisfaction has no place in my life. I know that challenges are often opportunities in disguise, and disappointments are merely an unexpected fork in the road that will lead me on a unique journey full of beauty and growth.

Even though I did not choose this path, I keep on walking, eager to discover what is ahead.

I know that no one has a perfect existence, that life always implies a push and pull, give and take, gain and loss. I know that one cannot exist without the other.

I let go of the idea that I should have everything I want just the way I want it, and focus on the beauty of what I do have in this moment.

I recognize, too, that challenges and disappointments can be opportunities for learning and growth if I allow them to be.

I am certain that every situation can teach me something about my life.

Life is often like panning for gold. If I allow myself to get discouraged by all the silt I am sifting through and just give up, I miss out on the hidden nuggets of gold.

I look objectively at my circumstances, having faith that the opportunities inherent in distressing situations will eventually reveal themselves if I remain open to them.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is one good thing a previous disappointment brought into my life?
2. Am I missing opportunities because I’m holding too tightly to my own plans?
3. What disappointments can I release from my mind so I can enjoy the new opportunities that are revealed to me?

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