Calling in Solutions to Your Problems

Have you ever had a problem that you didn’t know how to solve? If you’re like most people, you kept dwelling on the problem, worrying about it, obsessing over it, trying to find a way to fix it or resolve it. This approach rarely works, and it often leaves you feeling very frustrated.

A better approach is to stop focusing on the problem and start focusing on SOLUTIONS.

Say to yourself, “This problem has multiple possible solutions, and I am open to receive them now.” As you go about your day, every time the problem comes to mind say, “I know there are solutions that would help me resolve this issue. I’m open to solutions! I’m ready to see some solutions!”

Keep focusing on solutions and eventually they’ll start showing themselves to you. It might be something you overhear, something you read, something you stumble across completely “by accident”. But it will be the perfect solution to help you work through the problem you’re facing.

Today’s Positive Quote: 

“The best solutions are often simple, yet unexpected.” – Julian Casablancas

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