Communication is the Master Key that I Use to Open the Door to Happiness.

responsible-for-my-own-happinessThe quality of relationships in my life is determined by my sense of well-being. This is built on a strong foundation of communication.

I create ever deeper relationships by sharing my thoughts and feelings honestly. I have let go of the notion that people should be able to read my mind. I speak up when I feel hurt or offended because I am confident that our love allows us to work through conflict. I share my thoughts and ideas because I know we are strongest when we work together as a team.

I also take the time to ask others what they are thinking and feeling. I actively listen to them, and repeat back what I think they are saying until I am confident that I am truly hearing not just their words but also the meaning behind them.

I have let go of the idea that I will be happiest if other people tell me what I want to hear. I have no interest in illusions, even ones that feel good. I am more interested in sharing truth and using it to create bonds that strengthen everyone involved as we reach our goals together.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Am I interested in hearing the truth from the people that I love?
2. Am I building strong relationships on a foundation of honesty?
3. Do I take the time to share and listen rather than expect people to read my mind?

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