Embracing Ease with Grace

Your thoughts can make anything seem easy or difficult, depending on your expectation. Have you ever had a day where you were able to accomplish a TON of chores and activities, but it seemed completely effortless? I’m sure you can also remember days where the opposite happened; it seemed like you were moving through molasses and every task seemed to require immense amounts of energy and effort. Most often, it’s your mind-set that determines your experience of ease or struggle.

Today, embrace ease by consistently saying, “I allow it to be easy. I allow it to be easy.” Say it before you perform any chores or tasks. Say it before you drive anywhere. Say it before an important meeting.

Keep focusing on EASE, and watch in amazement as everything seems to become much easier than it normally is!

Today’s Positive Quote:
“You have the ability to quickly change your patterns of thought, and eventually… your life experience.” – Abraham-Hicks

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