Essential Oils That Boost Your Natural Energy

winter-oilsYou’ve had a hard day’s work, you come home and take a nice long, hot bath. You put some essential oil in the bathing water and feel refreshed in the sweet smell that it gives away. That is the magic of essential oils. The aroma that essential oils spread around actually has a healing effect on the body and the mind. The benefits of essential oils are the ones that actually helps to sooth your nerves and has a healing effect on your tired soul.

I personally believe that every person has a smell of their own and that particular scent helps us to build an association with that person. It is that smell that reminds you of the person. Similarly, every person has their own choice of essential oils too. Not everyone would find the same essential oil appealing to their senses. I for example love essential oils that are sweet smelling. Lavender is one of my favorites and all other essential oils that either have a citrus tinge to it.

There are some very popular ones which I think appeals to everyone. Like, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Wild Orange, Peppermint are some of the most common essential oils that everyone loves. For all those who don’t know the goodness of essential oils, I have a little bit of information to share with you. Here are some ways essential oils can help you…

  • Allspice Essential Oil to cure numbness and give you relief from pain. It is also good for relaxing the body and mind.
  • Anise Essential Oil is known for its medicinal properties and is good for treating rheumatism & arthritis, provide protection against septic, relax spasms.
  • In need of stress relief, I recommend Basil Essential Oil for treating stress and gives you natural energy in addition to making your skin beautiful.
  • My favorite Lavender essential oil is good for treating insomnia ( it definitely helps me to get a good night’s sleep) it can also be used to treat pains and strengthen nerves.
  • If you are suffering from depression, I would suggest using Lemon essential oil. It is a well known fact that essential oils with citrus scents are good for treating tiredness. The nice fruity smell calms the nerves and stimulates concentration.
  • Grapefruit and lime essential oils are good for energizing a tired mind and aids in concentration. They go well with basil and mint so do try blending them up together.
  • You can also try ginger and frankincense as both of them are known to be good for treating sleep problems. When blended nicely with grapefruit or orange they revitalize a tired soul.
  • There is nothing better than perhaps Cedar or Rosewood essential oil to fill you up with energy.

This is just a small list that I am sharing here. You can always get in touch with me to know more about the medicinal properties and healing effects of essential oils. Choosing the right essential oil is a must and once that is done you will have a new enthusiastic you in no time.

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