Finally!! A Business Growth Club for Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs Like You – With Tools You Use Every Day to Keep You in Touch with Your Business – and Why You’re in Business in the First Place.

It’s time to reach and exceed your business and lifestyle goals on your own terms,

Dear Spiritual Women Entrepreneur,

woman-thinking190A wildly successful online business is not a pipe dream in fact, it’s the new reality for entrepreneurs all over the world. They’ve learned to leverage the Internet AND use authentic, engaging marketing to build the business of their dreams and make a big impact…and it can be YOUR reality to.

You probably went into business because the idea of working or yourself, enjoying more freedom and promise of making really good money on your own terms was pretty irresistible. When you started on this journey, you had high hopes for claiming that successful, flexible, freedom-based entrepreneurial lifestyle as your own, right?

But that’s not exactly your reality is it?

If you’re like most small business owners, you’re not making the money you want (not even close), you’re feeling overwhelmed, working WAY too hard and growing more and more disillusioned with this fading dream of yours every day.

I’ve been where you are and I understand just how it feels. Working way too hard, feeling totally confused, and even having my personal relationships become negatively affected by it all. I began with literally nothing – no business, no list, no clients, no name recognition, no money…I had the same frustrations and doubts that you’re most likely having right now. I was spinning in circles trying to do it all at once.

I am here to tell you, it doesn’t have to be this way!!

You are meant to prosper. It is time to work together to create your own business that’s built on the values that are most important to YOU. That’s what TRUE fulfillment and Divine wealth is.

I want to show you how to grow your business with authentic, relationship-focused marketing and simple, proven online strategies to attract more clients, make more money and craft a flexible, spiritual and freedom-based business you love.

Having a Phenomenally Successful Business That Excludes Your Passion IS Within Your Reach – the Struggle Part is 100% Optional.

Set of golden vignettes, patterns and details for design


ringbinderstandingEach month as a member, we will cover specific business building and marketing topics designed to help you grow your business, you will receive a…

  1. Topic Workbook (Designed for Maximum Success)
  2. Guided Plan of Action (Successful Entrepreneurial Goddesses Need a Plan of Action to Succeed)
  3. Strategic Marketing and Business Calendar (Easy to Follow)
  4. Handy Checklist So You Don’t Miss Any Important Steps

Some of what you will learn as you become a member of Goddess Business Club…

  • Crafting an Entrepreneurial Goddess Mindset
  • How to Guest Blog Your Way to Success
  • Outsourcing to Maximize Your Business
  • List Building Success Secrets
  • Writing Copy that Sells Your Services and Products
  • How to Successfully Launch Your New Product/Service or Program

It’s time to stop the cycle, get out of overwhelm and run your
business to support your desired lifestyle.

What Do I Receive Each Month?

My mission is to help you impact the WORLD through your business. And there is no better time than right now. Take the first step and join me today…

The Monthly Program Consists of:

dot1 A Monthly Workbook Designed for Maximum Success
Each Month, You Will Receive a Training Workbook Created By Me.
 dot2 Guided Action Plan
Successful Entrepreneurial Goddesses Need a Plan of Action to Succeed.
 dot3 A Monthly Strategic Marketing and Business Calendar
Easy to Follow Calendar to Help Keep You Organized!
 dot4 A Handy Checklist
So YOU Don’t Miss Any Details


bonus Bonus #1: Downloadable Binder Cover/Spine to slip inside a 3-ring binder so you can organize your monthly lessons.

Bonus #2: I am Gifting you with my …….Magnetic Business Bootcamp. This is a bootcamp I did early in 2013. It fits perfectly with what you are learning in the Goddess Business Club.


Here’s What You’ll Receive in the Magnetic Business Bootcamp as a
BONUS to Your Membership in the Goddess Business Club
(a $97 Value Yours FREE When You Join TODAY!)


Downloadable Transcripts of Each Session               

There are a total of 4 sessions where we cover various subjects such as “The Magnetic You in Your Business”, “Makeover Your Service-Based Business”, “Mastering Your Money Magic
& a Q & A Session.


12 Downloadable Forms & Checklists

Forms and checklists designed to help you keep your business organized and running smoothly. Some of the forms you will receive are: A Standard Operating Procedures Manual, Client Information Sheet, Client Assessment, Client Profile Sheet….and MUCH MORE!  Value: Priceless!

Set of golden vignettes, patterns and details for design

Whether the time is right or you to fully embrace the Goddess Business Club or not, I want to leave you with a reminder of the messages that are important:

  • Making money in business can be done with meaning and heart
  • Growing yourself goes in tandem with growing your business
  • You attract money like a magnet when you show up fully and with enthusiasm
  • All the support you need will show up just when you need it
  • The universe is a very abundant and prosperous place, with more than enough profit for everyone
  • Please take a moment to breath in the full truth of these messages. Print out this section and highlight the words that raise your energy the most.

Cost: $27/Month



IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT YOUR PURCHASE: Prior to purchasing, please make sure you add to your safe senders list. This is to ensure you don’t miss any download information regarding the course. Otherwise, you may need to check your spam/junk folder or course material.  We have noticed that the registration email (to set up your membership) is being found in the junk/spam folder in some email filtering systems. If you find this material in your junk/spam folder, click “not spam” and it should be taken to your inbox.

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