Greatful for It All

Today, try generating a feeling of deep gratitude for the people and things that appear before you. If you see a bird soaring in the sky while you’re driving to work, thank it for reminding you about the joy of freedom and lightness. If you see a homeless person, thank them for reminding you about the importance of compassion and service to others. If you have a bad experience, be grateful for the ways in which it helps you to grow. There are no accidents or coincidences. Everything you see and experience is there for a reason. It’s up to you what that reason is.

Today’s Positive Affirmation: 

Thank you.

Inspiration for Abundance 

The key to allowing more money and abundance into your life is to repeatedly feed your mind positive thoughts on the subject of money and abundance. You don’t need to spend a lot of time on it, but you do need to be consistent with the time you spend on it. The more consistent you are, the faster you’ll see progress in your life.

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