How Everyday Magic Appears

Have you ever experienced moments of magic during your everyday travels? Like the perfect solution to a problem popping up right when you need it? Or someone saying exactly the words you needed to hear during a crisis? Or feeling so happy that everything around you just seems to glow with beauty and light?

Maybe moments like these aren’t what you would consider “magical” – maybe you’re a self-proclaimed cynic and proud of it. You’d need a major, jaw-dropping miracle to believe in magic. But all miracles have one thing in common: the person who receives it must be open to believing it’s possible.

That doesn’t mean you have to fully believe 100% that the miracle WILL happen – you just have to relax your doubt and disbelief enough so that you aren’t resisting its arrival.

And all expressions of magic are really the same – you just have to be open to seeing them and suddenly they will appear everywhere you look. Like in the crinkled smile of an elderly woman as you hold the door open for her. Or in the graceful flight of a bird that inspires you to take a leap of faith. Or in a quiet moment all to yourself after a hectic, stressful day.

Appreciate these moments and you will immediately begin attracting more of them!

Start by making a list of all of the magical moments you can recall from your past. Even if they would appear inconsequential to anyone else, if they were magical to YOU, they count! Write them down and spend a few moments reliving each one until you feel that inner sense of awe and wonder and inspiration lift up your heart and spirit.

And the next time you leave your home, say aloud, “I intend to experience magical moments today!” Expect them, appreciate them, and they’ll find you no matter where you go.

Today’s Positive Affirmation:
My life is filled with magical moments.

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