If It Drags You Down, Release It!

Whatever problem or challenge you’ve got that keeps dragging down your mood, be willing to release it today. Releasing it does not mean giving up – it simply means turning it over to a “higher power” (the universe, God, angels, or whatever your perception of divinity may be).

Continuing to struggle with a challenge takes a lot of mental and emotional energy, which leaves you feeling drained and frustrated.

When you make a conscious choice to release it and stop worrying about it, you ease much of the resistance that was keeping you stuck. Suddenly, solutions and ideas can flow freely.

Today’s Positive Quote:
“Even the most impossible becomes possible when you are fully released on it. And you know when you are fully released on it when you don’t give a hoot. Never suppress feelings. You don’t have to satisfy them, but don’t suppress them. Just know that they are there, and let go of them.” – Lester Levenson

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