Inner Critic or Intuition- Which One Should You Follow?

8728691972_89c9aeffc9There is a very common saying- you are your own critic. Why is this said? It is because even if your mother knows you inside out, there are certain features, certain characteristics that are entirely your own. It defines the person ‘you’ and this you has a self. That self stays within you and is known to be your inner critic. Sometimes called your conscience this is what stops you from doing anything wrong. It is an inner pull, a power that stops you and makes you think before making a decision or a step in your life. It is also what criticizes you when you know that you have done something wrong. Your inner critic can help you be a better person or it can turn you into an obsessive maniac.

A person’s life cannot be judged by steps. There are lots of ups and downs in a person’s life and it is not always possible to take measured steps. It is also not possible to listen to what the inner critic has to say. There are times when you have to listen to something that is called ‘intuition’. I always follow and listen to my intuition.

So, how do I define intuition? Honestly, it is hard to define because it varies from person to person. Have you seen the movie 6th Sense. Many people are known to be born with 6th Sense which is known as extrasensory perception. Your intuition to be something like that. Something which cannot be explained but an inner voice that you hear in the head.

Your intuition is like the Pole Star; it guides you during your tough times or when you are faced with a critical decision. Your intuition can guide you in matters of your career, love life or life in general.

Here’s an example. It is something that one of my close friends faced and I was the one who had this intuition. It was her wedding and she was just about to go down the stairs in her home when I suddenly stopped her. Just a few seconds later, the crystal chandelier gave away and came crashing on the ground. It could have fallen on her if something did not ask me to stop her for a few seconds. It is this something that you can never explain, never reason but which helps you in life in some way or another.

I believe that everyone of us has this intuitive power in us but you need to realize it and inculcate it. Often, we do not pay heed to our intuitions and end up regretting it later. So, I say, why ask yourself what if I had listened to my intuition? It is better to trust it and see what happens. It may be that your intuition might not always be right but it will not do you any harm either.

If you think that you need help in understanding what your intuition tells you or tries to guide you, then I can help you make it stronger.  I can help you realize you intuitive powers and lead a life full of confidence and happiness.

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