It is My Right to Say NO to Others Without Feeling Guilt.

My LifeMy life is my own to live as I please. And my choices are mine to make. Therefore, friends and family members are unable to pressure me into decisions they would like me to make.

I try to be nice to everyone and respectful to all people. However, I stand my ground when people become overly needy or start making demands of me.

Like everything else in my life, my time is my own. If I am not in the mood to frequently visit with a family member or friend, so be it. My only true obligation is to my immediate family; everyone else simply gets portions of the time that I have free. They each get only the time I am willing to dedicate to them.

Personally, I make it a point to always respect the boundaries of others. I refrain from pushing, prying, or overextending my welcome. I would feel like a burden if I were to push myself onto others in such a manner. It is only fair that my friends and family respect my need to control my own time and decisions.

I have the power to say no to others without feeling guilt. This is because I am aware that it is my right to say no to someone without negative repercussions.

Today, I honor the commitments I make. And I make only the commitments that I can participate in with goodwill. Also, I refuse to play along with something when I’d rather not take part.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I often feel manipulated by others to do as they want simply to get them off my back?
  2. When saying no to others, do I feel as if I should have done more to help?
  3. Do I make unrealistic requests from others?


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