My Fears Are Smaller Than My Feats.

women fearsWhen faced with a new adventure, I dare to venture forward with a positive attitude. I choose to focus on my strengths in order to drown out the voice of fear. Peace follows me in every step I take. There is nothing that I will ever face that I do not already possess the strength to overcome.

When I look back at my life’s story, I am encouraged by my achievements. My past accomplishments help me to look forward to the future with great excitement. I am certain that I am capable of success because I have already proven it to myself. I work with confidence because I am aware of my potential.

My mind is a garden where encouraging thoughts flourish. I ignore negative voices that try to speak to my mind and I remind myself of how strong I am. The truth I know about myself is more important than what others may think about me.

My faith helps me to be brave against uncertainty. There is a hope that lives inside of me that believes all things will work out in the end.  I walk with confidence because I know that my destiny is being fulfilled.

Every day that I cover myself in determination, I am amazed by how far I can rise when I only listen to the voice of truth. As my dreams begin to take flight, I see my fears becoming smaller and smaller. The further up I go, the more miniscule my worries appear. Today, I am certain of my success because there is nothing greater than my passion.

Self-Reflection Questions: 

  1. What past accomplishment am I most proud of?
  2. When was the last time I was faced with a wall but was able to make it through?
  3. Am I listening to the voice of truth or the voice of negativity?

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