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DFW-Newsletter-CoversI am beyond thrilled you’ve decided to receive my juicy free gift for you. You are now officially part of our amazing community of wonderful women.

I want to support you from the very beginning of our relationship, so I’d like to quickly go over some logistics if you don’t mind.


You will only hear from me when I’ve got something really awesome and informative to share with you – this will be a weekly eZine and occasionally an extra email introducing you to something I think you might enjoy or invite you to a free training that I believe will empower you and enrich your life experience in some way, shape or form.

My Soul Work

My soul work is to empower YOU to magically create an abundant life you love…and if you’re an Entrepreneurial Goddess (or have a business dream), I want to help you ignite your business magic!

Design Your Goddess Path

When you march to the beautiful tune of your authentic desires, you’ll feel the daily joy, bliss, abundance and all around awesome-ness I do! Every woman has her own unique Goddess Path. I’ve created a workbook to help you identify yours and I’m gifting it to you…it’s a gift from my heart to yours.

Download Your FREE Gift (Your Goddess Path) here:

Your Goddess Path Download

This is Super Important

Please white list my email address right now (info@divinefeminineworth.com) so that my email doesn’t get thrown into your SPAM/JUNK folder. I despise hanging out in a SPAM folder, they’re usually filled with nasty, erroneous, triple X, junk emails and quite frankly…that’s no place for a Goddess! If you are not sure how to add info@divinefeminineworth.com to your safe senders list (aka Whitelist), here is a handy cheat sheet to help you go through the process.


If you have a question for me, email and ask away.

I’m so happy you’re in my world…thank you for letting me serve you!

Winks, Shimmies & Magic,

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