Products to Help You Quickly Move to New Levels of Tranquility that I created Especially for YOU!

eBooks & Home Study Programs

Perhaps you are not quite ready to jump right into a private coaching program with me, but you would like to begin your transformation into the divine woman that you were born to be on your own…..That’s perfectly fine!  I created several eBooks with YOU in mind. If the Divine Feminine is calling you then these products will help catapult you in the direction of owning your true feminine self…all from the comfort of your home, at your own personal pace. Each product is beautifully designed…I know you are going to love them as much as I do!!

ringspiralbinder_836x1155Vision Board – Manifest Your Dream Life & Business

Visualize Your Dreams Into Action

In this book, I walk you step-by-step though the process on how to create your life masterpiece. We cover 6 areas in your life where you can successfully utilize a vision board.

Business > Wealth > Self-Care > Family & Friends > Fun > Big Scary Goals

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The Living Like a Goddess Bundle

Goddess-Empowerment-BundleIgnite Your Feminine Power & Live Your Deepest Desires

Are you struggling with creating the life you most desire? Yes, many of us have been there and we are so ready to be over it!

This bundle, will provide a new way of thinking as a women – which on many levels, hasn’t been understood, accepted or valued. But that is changing! Now is your time to be heard, seen, empowered and to be an inspirational creator of living in the realm of all possibilities.

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Soulmate Attraction

Soulmate-AlchemyCall Forth the Love of Your Life & Manifest the Relationship YOU Desire

Are you ready to step into a sizzling hot relationship? Do you dream of a relationship in which your partner loves, cherishes and adores you? Ever wondered what it takes to find the true love of your life?

Discover your own ‘hidden’ barriers to attracting true love into your life and learn how to get over them. Explore new inspiring ways to attract love and romance and in your life.

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Goddess Up

Goddess-Up-AdLessons to Live By

Maybe you’ve got a job, friends, something to keep you busy in your spare time, are actively single/involved/married/raising babies, having exciting vacation plans, and are getting along just fine. Maybe you’re still looking for that fulfilling knock-your-socks off career, but in general, you’re doing fine. Of course you’d like more (..of something…), but on the surface, everything’s FINE.   Fine…fine…..fine…

Fine is a settling place for amazing.  And isn’t AMAZING what we really want? Well, sweetheart, I’ve got something for you… Let’s uncover your amazing!

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Goddess Love:  A Guide to Loving Yourself

paperbackbookstanding (1)Everyone has a purpose and you will know it if you are actually putting your passion to use every day and making a lot of money from it.

No one should be unhappy with their daily lives. Many people put off their passions because of obstacles in the way that they cannot seem to get past. You don’t have to put off your passions. You can get past the obstacles and there are many ways.

What makes you happy is subjective. You won’t like the same things as everyone else and vice versa. You have control over your happiness and when you learn how you can take control you will be very successful. There are many things that you need to do and ask yourself in order to truly understand what you passion is and how you can work toward it.

You can live out your dreams and your passions…

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