Top Ten Year-End Review Questions for Life & Business

woman-beach-350x236As the year draws to a beautiful close, many of us have already mentally started planning for the year ahead. And rightfully so, because we must release the old in order to embrace and bring in the new. To powerfully step into where we wish to go and become whom we wish to be, it is important to know where we stand currently and who we are at this very moment. By taking time to reflect on this past year, you will get in touch with and acknowledge your wins, uncover your blocks, and feel propelled to complete as much as you can before the year officially closes. And in doing this, you will magically open the doors for new intentions to actualize into your physical reality.

Below are my favorite questions to assess this past year. How about grabbing a journal and answering these questions right now? You will gain valuable insights, learn from your experiences, and release what did not serve you. Trust me, this will support you in more powerfully stepping into the new year charged with the focus and mindset to shine your glorious light in the world, make a profound difference, and create your best year ever.

  1. What are your proudest successes and accomplishments from this year? Often, we blow off the accomplishments and dwell in a sea of negativity over what we didn’t accomplish. However, one of the biggest secrets I’ve learned in creating success after success, is to celebrate your accomplishments. So write down everything that went great this year. Focus on this and celebrate your amazing wins! Give yourself the kudos for a rewarding year.
  2. What did you learn and/or gain insight into? What great life lessons did you pick up? Please know that there is no right or wrong here, only feedback on how to continually grow and evolve. Isn’t that super cool? You have permission to make mistakes and learn…so take a deep breath, smile, and continuing journaling.
  3. What slowed you down or stood in the way of fulfilling your intentions? This is what you have to work on next year, to do your soul work in the world. If it was your own self that got in the way of creating and living your best life, be very clear and honest. No one has to see this but you so be totally open and ask yourself what you need to do differently to create the life you wish to live and the success you wish to attain?
  4. What supported you in your growth and success? All successful people have a support system that sustains them and rallies on their behalf. Make sure to honor and thank those special people by recognizing them and letting them how they contributed to your success.
  5. What was challenging and disappointing this year? What can you learn from these challenges? Remember, every experience contains an opportunity to grow and evolve. Each challenge holds its own gift. What hidden gifts do you see and how has it enhanced your own personal and professional growth?
  6. How consistent is your work with your deepest values? Are you doing work that most aligns with your soul purpose? For example, if one of your deepest values is time and freedom, and yet you’re in a job that keeps you small and powerless, what can you do to change that in the year ahead? When you’re thinking about this, think about what drains you and what energizes you. There’s a powerful secret there to your soul work.
  7. What are you grateFULL for? A heart of gratitude is a powerful magnet for abundant wealth. By placing your conscious attention on love and gratitude, you open the door wide for great things to flow into your life.
  8. What was missing in your life this year? What feels unfinished? What would you like to complete in the year ahead? Is it more love you are looking for? Or more radiant health? More money? Or perhaps more meaning in your life? Think about how you can incorporate these into your life next year.
  9. How can you bring more love, joy, and harmony into your life? This is how we connect to spirit and bring more purpose and meaning to our lives. Create some meaningful rituals that allow you time to connect to your inner joy, to surround yourself with loved ones, and to enjoy hearty laughter. And watch the magic unfold as your life takes on a deeper meaning and lavishes great fortune upon you.
  10. What nonessentials are in your life that can let go of right now? Clearing these will help you make the space for the much needed essentials in your life. Take a few minutes and go through the most important room of your house (you can go through the rest later if you’d like), perhaps where you spend the most time. Put everything in the middle where you can see it. Now as you hold each item, ask yourself if you love it, need it, or if you intend to use it? If you answer no, then learn to let go and give it up, donate it, or sell it. Clearing out the nonessential clutter will help you make more room for the essentials you’d like to attract and bring into your life in the new year.

How about a BONUS question?

  1. What divine intentions have you set for the year ahead? What is your big dream? What if you knew your success was guaranteed? What would you do? Describe your dream in vivid detail. Make it juicy, compelling, exciting and inviting all at the same time. What is your heart ready to say yes to? And finally, what do you need to achieve this big dream in 2011? Think about what worked well for you this year and how you can leverage that next year. And then what is missing that you will additionally need? What steps can you take to bridge the gap? Create your grand plan and know that YOUR TIME IS NOW!

I hope this powerful exercise helps you to release what you no longer need and embrace all that is working beautifully for you. And now from the divine in me to the divine in you, I celebrate the beautiful holiday season with you and look forward to our continued connections in the coming year!

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