What are Goddess Archetypes?

What are Goddess ArchetypesAs we embark on our search for meaning of life, we connect with our inner wisdom. As a woman starts to come in terms with her psychological and emotional qualities, she makes conscious choices for personal fulfilment and meaning. Goddess archetypes exhibit these emotional thoughts and energies to the highest extent possible. As woman explore their inner possibilities, they discover their innate capabilities and gifts, nurture them, appreciate their strengths and start challenging themselves emerging as strong, powerful and mature. Goddess as a feminine archetype in alive in the psyche of a woman, and a woman’s character is defined by the energies which are more pronounced. It also influences her personality and produces a distinct and unique flavor.

Types of archetypes

You cannot realize your definite character, unless you identify the traits that influence it. Goddess archetypes are basically classified into six subsections: Creatrix/Goddess, Leader/Queen, Lover, Mother, Priestess or Warrior. As the name suggest, all the types are different and distinctive in nature and like their names they also boast of certain qualities or traits. Goddess or Creatrix, as the name suggests is responsible for new creations. This type creates new possibilities, connects with the flow of life, carves a path for her, and originates new ideas. A Leader/Queen, lives for others, and practices true union of her spiritual path and life, and expresses the full potential of life.

A Lover is sensitive about life, is compassionate and romantic. This emotionally intelligent, creative, playful being experiences life in the moment and loves to connect with others. A Mother offers care and nurtures those around her. She is the balancing factor in the house, and stabilizes life. A Priestess will listen to her body wisdom and heart, and is always in search of higher energy, power and spirituality. A warrior goddess will be assertive, courageous, protect the innocent and complete the tasks given to her.

How goddess archetypes influence our lives!

Even if you identify as one of the types mentioned above, how can you work with a goddess archetype? First you have to realize what you want. Is it a new home, a fulfilling life with the near and dear ones, inner peace, or a perfect relationship? You can have what you want, only if you allow the Spirit to come and make miracles. When we see a goddess reflection in our humble being, we connect with our inner self or divinity. You basically tune in your inner guide which will lead to path of salvation. This is the part which knows what is best for you and wants what is good. She can be a friend who helps you in need, a good mother who wants the best for her daughter, a teacher who guides you in times of troubles. This She or Spirit encourages you to travel across boundaries, asks you to follow her heart, because when you follow your heart, you know what is best for you.

Always remember, that you should first you should connect with a goddess archetype with whom you want to work; next you have to bring her to life. How can you do that? You have to surround herself with her and remember each day, as you literally work to your goal, how she inspires you. You actually gradually start basking in her energy.


  1. Alee says

    This is very interesting! I didn’t know much about these different types before and what their significance is. Very well written :)

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