What is a Goddess?

What is a goddess?Your transnational journey to discover your extraordinary divine self can never be complete until you understand the true essence of being a goddess. I am not talking about being put on a pedestal and worshiped. It goes much deeper than that. A woman who is connected with her inner goddess is one who truly loves every aspect of herself in all senses.

What is a Goddess?

Now let’s dive into What is a Goddess? A goddess defines a woman who learns to identify, believe, and love herself on mental, physical and spiritual levels regardless of what others think of her. Personal growth, inner peace and self awareness define the persona of a goddess through her passionate and uplifted life.

The path to becoming a goddess requires an understanding of your own horizons and capabilities to create your purpose in life, and encompass the courage to follow your dreams and desires. While many woman seek others’ approval and opinions, a goddess follows her own counsel, stays steadfast through her decisions, and remains accountable to no one other than her own conscience.

As women, amidst worldly affairs and social pressures, we are in a constant struggle to impress those around us and thus search for inspiration. A goddess inculcates a sense of appreciation and abundance into others with her vibrant demeanor. She becomes the centre of attention in a group with her flamboyant energy, undying enthusiasm, and divine knowledge.

As goddesses, we are continually evolving and conquering new horizons. We must remain comfortable and confident in our skin, grow spiritually and never lose our true identity. The authenticity of a goddess remains unchallenged with her radiant body language and facial expressions translating her true heart and soul.

What sets a goddess apart from other women is her ability to let go. Obstacles, relationships and material loss do not hinder her self-confidence or self-development process. She is self-sufficient and does not wait for others to care or provide for her. She loves herself and treats her body, mind and soul with sacredness, compassion, and forgiveness.

Trying to answer this simple question, What is a goddess? may fail to do justice to its true essence. The exceptional qualities of a goddess are endless and unimaginable. A goddess is devoted towards promoting harmony and understanding in the world- be it within her family social circle, or on a larger scale. She makes every effort to make her mark and inspires others to follow her footsteps. Leadership, consideration and morality are just some of the extraordinary traits that define a goddess.

If you are on a quest to discover your inner goddess, a simple answer may define a goddess as a harmonious blend of undeterred faith, stability and patience. While she aims high, a goddess stays patient instead of pushing too hard. Her faith in her abilities, intuitions and knowledge arm her to ride and sail through an unexpected wave and emerge successfully, with an even stronger and inspirational personality.

Get to know your inner goddess and discover your divine self by falling in love with your existence! A goddess’ true identity is her own soul, and that is what you need to discover and liberate to make your entity an example of what a goddess is.



  1. Alee says

    I admire the way you defined what it actually is like, being a goddess. Instead of the generic definition, you out forward a very deeper and more relate-able statement that can help people understand the concept much more easily.

  2. Alex says

    This may seem odd to some narrow minded people out there, but I truly applaud this whole concept. Many women out there would have a different outlook to life after reading this. We must empower others so they can strive for a better life.

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