What is the Divine Feminine?

What is the Divine FeminineThe divine feminine has always been around since the beginning of time. She is the caregiver, nurturer of life, and she embraces happiness and sorrow with equal élan. But how does she figure in our lives today? Have we been able to retain the sacredness or are we facing danger as the feminine faces repression and danger? The sacred feminine that was considered the bringer of life, believer of growth and helper of rebirth is now facing severe endangerment. Femininity as a concept has changed over the years. The pre-ordained rules of the society have often baffled women and most women who embrace it start rediscovering their inner selves after much trials and tribulations. Basically, to come in terms with their versions of femininity, is to come in terms with themselves and how they look at life, and not how others preach.

Aspects of the Divine Feminine

There are different aspects of divine feminine, like creation, openness, renewal, creativity, love, compassion, understanding, nurturing, harmony, motherhood sensuality etc. The manifestations of these traits can be very diverse in women. What we need to do is look for these aspects within ourselves and embrace them. Each and every woman is unique and the manifestation of the divine feminine can be very different. When we align our soul to the divine feminine, we are not conforming to the archetypal idea of it; rather we are trying to figure out those characteristics which help us to identify who we really are.

Have we lost touch with the feminine?

Lately, we have lost touch with many of her aspects. We have suppressed these energies, to combat the tough world. But it is time to regain that connection, to strike a chord with the inner self. We should always remember that we are unique and we can only balance our energy by making a connection.

Being creative helps, as it is a natural expression of femininity. When we create something, we tend to feel good. You can create anything; you just have to find your areas of interest. Spending time with other women can make you feel special. When you think of soulful sharing, we only think of your best women friends. You are a beautiful sensual woman. It is a tough world, and you have to be in toes with the main. But it does not mean that you have to lose your sensuality. Appreciate for what you are, and celebrate your womanhood. Your mother is the harbinger of life. You are actually inspired by a lot of things by your mother. Take some time to accept them who they are. Exploring motherhood in your own life can be a good choice.

Connecting with the new feminine

A modern woman connects to the ancient ways of women. This is what you can say is the new divine feminine. The new divine feminine thinks of balance, takes the old ways of tradition and embraces them in their own unique ways. Every woman has a mystical sense of balance which is linked to the greater good of life. This sense of interconnectedness helps the women to seek for greater energy, greater power.

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